Research & Analysis

I use economic and political economy analysis, quantitative and qualitative research to answer my clients’ questions and solve problems.

Economic Analysis for Decisions in Volatile Environment: 

  • I provide monthly reports, in-company presentations and tailored research, with a unique narrative and approach (the Polinomics approach) that allow my clients to understand complex political and economic issues as inputs to forecast budgets and make financial, investment, and operation decisions, in an extremely volatile and hostile environment where companies were deciding every year whether to stay or close.

Innovating in Market Research:

  • A client asked to conduct a market research to support the launching of a fantasy sport page in Latin America. I conducted a desk research in order to understand the profile of the participants in the fantasy sport industry in the US, which is a very well developed industry. Then I used Facebook Ads to reach my target in Latin America. This was a very efficient way to conduct a survey with a very high rate of response.
  • Key achievement: Saved US$21K in surveys costs by increasing the efficiency of reaching our specific target through an innovative approach of conducting surveys in Facebook. I surveyed around 3,500 persons in Chile, Peru and Mexico, to study the profile of potential clients to launch a fantasy sport webpage in Latin America.


  • Google searches as predictors of U.S. Recessions. Link

Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics and History Macroeconomics

  • Monetary System and the Gold Standard in Venezuela. Link